• An innovative and cost effective strategy to kick start your business. A definite advantage to gain a entirely new customer base.
  • Visitors and tourists will be provided with a first hand view of specific tourist destinations and area of interest.
  • Provide a launching pad for discerning entrepreneur's in the field of hospitality, leisure and travel industry.
  • Provide an even platform for a business to business interactions between entrepreneur's travel trade and discerning customers.
  • To bring the best under one roof and to provide an opportunity for marketers and customers alike.
  • Showcase the range of services available in the hospitality, leisure and travel industry.
  • Provide and impetus to the Indian Tourism Industry by displaying the potential the country has to offer by way of one to one interaction between the industry andcustomer.
  • Provide an opportunity for the industry to reinforce business contacts and establish new one.
  • Perfect time to enroll potential holiday makers.Vadodara, Nagpur, Vizag & Coimbatore are clearly pro minent travel markets.
  • Assured turnout of visitors through high voltage media coverage and aggressive publicity.
  • Prime growing market to improve your Customer Profile. The fastest growing destinations of
  • The markets show the most modern travel trends to some of the highly aware market segments.

High Impact Promotions

  • High impact promotional activities with an emphasis on improving overall travel habits. Well planned and well directed interest build up through apt media outlets.
  • Frequent Press Advertising
  • Special Institutional promotions.
  • Direct Mailers to discerning Consumers.
  • Nationwide invitations to prominent trade visitors from the travel industry.

Salient features of Tier - 2 & Tier - 3 cities

  • Being agricultural driven, citizen's enjoy a tax - free income resulting in larger saving, thus creating a market for leisure travel.
  • Most new investments into creating IT & ITES related infrastructure are being diverted into smaller cities, thus creating a larger employment base.
  • The retail industry has earmarked two out of three new retail projects in India that are going to be in these cities at least for the next coming 10 years.
  • With the availability of quality education in the tier 2 & tier 3 cities, there is a lesser movement of people to the metros, thus making it a market for industrial investment.
  • With easy accessibility to Air travel and an improved rail system, these cities form an exciting new market place!
  • The advent of the internet and cable television has created a visibility for quality International Hospitality and tourism brands among these cities.

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